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The SERVICE Division of GEMAP2 has developed a complete after-sales service program to support our customers in all operations: commissioning, scheduled and extraordinary maintenance. We offer a dedicated continuous support service, necessary for the maintenance of machines and systems that are always efficient in full compliance with environmental and safety regulations, allowing all our customers to work in complete peace of mind and with a significant reduction in operating costs.


To maintain maximum efficiency, we offer a preventive maintenance service with scheduled, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly interventions on::

  • Gemap2 or multi-brand generator sets
  • Industrial engines
  • Piston air compressors or FINI ROTAIR / ELGI and multi-brand screw compressors
  • Fire engines
  • UPS uninterruptible power supplies
  • Current stabilizers
  • Availability of replacement machines


GEMAP2 also offers an extraordinary maintenance service to handle unexpected problems. For every operational event a technical staff, with mechanical and electrical skills and specialized designers for the standardization of your systems, guarantees business continuity.

  • General overhaul of Diesel engines, generators, motor pumps, electrical panels, air compressors
  • adaptation of rooms for the installation of diesel groups to current regulations regarding electrical systems, hydraulic connections, exhaust gas evacuation, soundproofing.
  • analysis of current safety regulations
  • estimates to analyze the convenience of the review


  • Workshop vans
  • Mobile test benches
  • Crane vehicles


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